Cancer and Oral Health


1. Brush teeth 2x day using a very soft toothbrush
2. Brush after taking liquid medications as they may contain sugar
3. Rinse with water after vomitting; do NOT brush for at least 30 min as enamel is soft
4. Rinse with NON-ALCOHOLIC antibacterial mouth rinse (Listerine Zero is non alcoholic)
5. Keep the mouth and lips moist (do not use petroleum jelly)
6. Use saliva substitutes, gum, rinse and toothpaste as ‘tolerated’. BIOTENE products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart – and they have a few products that help with dry mouth. Check out

7. Apply a fluoride gel or mouth rinse gel once a day and do not rinse for 30 min.

TIPS: Avoid sweet drinks and sugary snacks – Sugar free chewing gum is good to increase saliva flow

Brush/rinse BEFORE bedtime.

Dental concerns should be looked at PRIOR to Cancer treatment. No professional dental treatment should be performed during treatment.


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